• Riane Capalad

Lost in Translation Review

A delight touch of aphrodisiac lights in Tokyo take you to an exciting fortress of solitude as Sophia Coppola specifically set the locations in the busy aesthetic city in Japan. Lost in Translation has been nominated for four academy awards and won Best Original Screenplay- for Coppola, she immediately idolizes and ponder Tokyo as the right setting for her cinematic imagination of a place where is known but nowhere to be found.

Lost in Translation who is played by two talented stars of different generations (Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson) flawlessly meet the expectations of an “on-the-sly-yet-liberal” love affair. Bob Harris (Murray), who is struggling with mid-life crisis, is an American actor, who lands in Tokyo to film his whiskey advertisement. On the other hand, Charlotte (Johansson), a young college graduate; is married to a celebrity photographer which she’s unsure of having much of a future with, finds Bob in a hotel they both reside in during their stay in the city.

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