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  • Riane Capalad

Here’s Why Lady Bird Considers Her Tempered Mother “Warm”

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

It had me the first time—safe to say I was held captive by its charm. I dared to watch it a second time and just fell deeper in love with the film, so captured that I named my car after it. (For real!)

Director Greta Gerwig’s masterpiece inspires “modernism” in a broader sense which is similar from the early 20th century writers who modified traditional plot structures of narratives and experimented with changing perspectives. By means, she continues to relive moments that gives meaning and unity in modern society. Lady Bird (2017) is a film about a Sacramento middle class high-schooler in 2003 who struggles with a conflict between a disapproving mother and a lifelong dream. The craft playfully idealizes a ‘coming of age’ journey and is funny and warm at heart. The light humor adds a fulfilling touch that is carried throughout the film.

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