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  • Riane Capalad

This Island Girl is Living in a MAIP World

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

From diving into the pacific waves to walking in the streets of New York City - In a blink of an eye, life has completely changed for me.

"Big cities can have big hearts."

-― Mary Elise Monsell, The Mysterious Cases of Mr. Pin

There was this feeling of a sudden nuisance to an inbox full of newsletters in moments of a job search. Every day was like a time bomb ticking with questions of 'Would I even get a reply back?" or "Where is my life going to?"

What was I thinking? Why did I move thousands of miles away from a paradise place where I felt secure and adapted already. There were so many questions with answers unanswered. But, only one thing I know for sure, I want to be in the big city, and it has got to happen! It was almost midnight when I was weeping in my bed; I told myself I would give it a break and rest from job hunting. I mean, it was exhausting. I was depleted and tired. But, life has its own ways of comically turning your narrative into a 360-degree turn. So, in October (i still remember it), I took a leap of faith and listened to that higher intuition guide telling me, "try it one more time."

The Start of the 4A's Foundation Multicultural Advertising Internship Program, aka MAIP Journey.

I almost did not apply because I was on the verge of taking a break from pressuring myself to look for a job in the media industry. Also, MAIP sets a high standard of excellence with an application process that will let you go through a needle (in a good way!) However, It was overwhelming for someone who was clearly done with sending applications. But hey, I'm a warrior! I just don't give up that easily! If others can dream big and act on it, I can too. I believe in myself. So here's my formula to starting my career in the big city:

I emailed x I applied = I got accepted.

The readers must be like... that's it, Riane? Hard no. As sweet as it looks. The glam and glitz of chasing a dream is all but easy. One can never tell when the journey ends because, in reality, there's no ending. Every day we discover, try, and learn something new, which opens the door for growth opportunities and life-changing experiences. It's a cycle of beginnings worth diving for. In this journey, I've learned the significance of the process in one's destiny, wherein the in-betweens are the most crucial stage because that's where all the work happens. The finish line only opens a new phase of a map that is set with a course of objectives to complete.

And as you go through all walks of life, I can assure you that everything is going to be alright!

Riane Capalad, Editorial Intern At Oprah Daily

MAIP 2022


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