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  • Riane Capalad

Five Inspiring Lessons I Learned as a MAIP 2022 Fellow

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Equipped and ready: Workshops from top advertising and marketing agencies like Tiktok, Google, Omnicon Health Group, Meta, and many more!

The Job is The Dream I Painted For Myself


I can't remember a moment when I didn't say "thank you" for the air I was breathing and the idea of becoming a part of a bigger picture- like pinch me right now or actually, if this was a dream, don't wake me up yet! Back when I was little, all I ever enjoyed was entertaining people. It could be through dancing to some Britney Spears classics, singing tomorrow by Alicia Morton, or narrating the miracle of Jesus' five loaves of bread and two fish. I was that chubby little girl (the one who looks like the kid from the commercial, tender juice hotdog) who gets pulled into the spotlight just so guests were entertained.

Often times I'd ask my beautiful mother to buy me Total Girls magazines, which I go gaga whenever I get another issue. Flipping the pages soothes me, and not to mention, the astrology charts were my favorite! All of this latched to my memories as I realized what sparks joy in my life. It was the idea of having beauty and arts together. People get inspired when content is thoughtfully created and produced. It's when I know that through my ideas, I can impact even a single entity or a whole room.

Telling stories in different ways can touch hearts from a distance. Writing helped you and me. So am I grateful? Super. The 4 A's Foundation Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP) has opened doors and helped minorities like me to shine and reach their fullest potential. After all, we're all great at something, but it only takes a single soul, an organization, or somebody to offer a helping hand. It's all about teamwork and supporting one another. To my MAIP and Oprah Daily Hearst family, you made an island girl's dreams come true! I'm excited for my next chapter in life!

Learning How to Ace Work-Life Balance


Currently, I have three notebooks, a planner, and a journal. I have written and used all of it. This summer, I juggled between my inner and external life! I had two summer intern projects: MAIP Disney Dreamers project and Hearst Magazine's internship business deck proposal. In addition, I was already gloriously writing for Oprah Daily. Was it challenging? Yes. Did I survive? Yes, I loved the thrill of it - but I had to make sure I wasn't burning out... and there's a strategic way to manage your time wisely. A piece of advice?

  • Buy a planner or write it in your notes

  • Every morning start writing your goals and task for the day

  • Know your priorities first! Party later!

  • Wake up earlier and give yourself an hour to have time for yourself

  • Meditate, run, or prepare breakfast if you can

  • Do not procrastinate!

  • Collaborate and maintain a psychologically safe environment

Be mentored and trained by the best professional leaders in the industry


This is my favorite! My mentors are my favorite! So the thing about the MAIP program is they get to assign you to amazing mentors through the whole three-month fellowship. As a grad student, I was fortunate to have two MAIP mentors who were really hands-on, honest, and candid. They have taught me so well, from handling interviews and negotiating skills to navigating life in the industry and understanding work ethics.

And before I move on to the next lesson, I want to mention my supervisor at Oprah Daily. I'm not sure if she'll see this, but I want to let her know how grateful I am for her genuine heart, leadership, and guidance! She believed in me, and I think that's the most beautiful gift you can ever give your apprentice.

Like-Minded Creative People


This experience led me to meet people who share the same passion and vision as suppose to my creative disciple. And even though the program is all virtual, we still got to bond through GroupMe chats, emails, and team meeting zoom calls- to the point that I'm entirely mastering those "share screen" or "break-out rooms." Of course, it's a different setting from an in-person affair; I am a sociable person, so I do enjoy those meet-ups and conversations, but the digital age still does the work, and when you have great coordinators like the whole MAIP team (shoutout to Ambar and Olutosin) then you'll be fine!

Being surrounded by these talented people in a diverse environment is empowering, and I'm surprised by the amount of support and encouragement we have from each other!

Network with intentions


This is simple. Just be you and create moments with kind intentions. Then, be open to learn, learn, and learn! Be ready to always have a "yes" work attitude. And most importantly, always ask the right questions (even the ones you feel dumb to ask).

Enjoy the waves!

The 4 A's Foundation Multicultural Advertising Internship Program

MAIP is an organization that provides a 22-week fellowship program for multicultural students with an opportunity to work in the advertising, communications, and marketing industry, have access to training and development programs and gain network opportunities in the industry. As a result, MAIP participants are set for success and obtain professional credentials as they showcase their talents and skills. At the same time, participating advertising agencies and companies have access to world-class talents fulfilling the 4A's efforts to enhance workforce diversity within the industry.


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